Election 2014

Don’t over read the results.  Quite simply we, the voters, said:  “do what we want you to do.”

Obviously this is not what the Obama administration has been doing and says it wants to do and just as obviously it is not what the Republican Party wants to do.  Ignore us and we’ll throw you Republicans to the curb in 2016.

The electorate right now is trending “economic populism” but don’t read too much in to that either.

My opinion of what “we” are looking for:

1) policy, laws (or otherwise) that increase jobs and incomes, that rebuild a middle class.  We may or may not support any specific piece of legislation, but go ahead and do it if you think it will work.  And if it does you will get re-elected.

2) policy, foreign adventurism (or otherwise) that increases security here at home

3) and literally, we prefer incineration of mullahs over pandering and inviting Iran to enter Iraq to battle ISIS.  “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” concept of foreign policy is bullshit.  My enemy is my enemy.  My friend is my friend.  And those who refuse to declare are suspect.  This is closer to the mark.  Think about the Middle East on a 50+ year time horizon, develop you policy ideas, and then come talk to us.  Reacting to the nightly news cycle is a tiresome failure.

We know you are not omniscient and do not expect you to be.  But we do expect you to be pragmatic.  Explain to us why you think something will work, get our feedback, and then act.  We’ll forgive earnest failure, but as seen this week, will repudiate ideological failure.

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