It could have been a hard year.  My job was eliminated in May and I hadn’t had to look for work in 34 years.  In fact the last time I had really looked for a job was when I was graduating from college.

Yes it could have been a hard year and I could have joined the legions of long-term unemployed.  But it wasn’t.

Rather, I was blessed.

Blessed to have a friend who daily touched and touches me with love and encouragement.

Blessed to have a friend who critically scoured and ruthlessly destroyed the first drafts of my resume’ and helped me craft a solid representation of my professional accomplishments and capability.

Blessed to have a job search coach who showed me that I already had a new job, one in project management.  The project?  Find a new permanent, full-time, job.

Wind at my back I posted my resume’ to linkedin and applied to a few jobs.  Within two days I had three phone interviews.  One led to my new job.

I was unemployed for a scant nine weeks.

Sure my wife and I were uprooted.  We moved from Chandler, Arizona to Clifton Park, New York.  And that could have been messy.  But it wasn’t.

Again, I was blessed.

Our home in Arizona sold and closed in less than four weeks.  We were able to select a new home during a week-long house hunting trip (we are building a new house).  And I was able to find a suitable rental home the weekend I arrived in New York.

So what could have been a hard year, in retrospect, has been a year of blessing.  It is as if changing jobs was His plan and all I needed to do was trust.

It could have been a hard year.  Instead I have a job I thoroughly enjoy, we are living in a beautiful part of the country, and will soon have a new house just the way we want it.  We have our health.  And I still have the daily love and encouragement of my best friend.

For this I give thanks…to an awesome God who sees that my path is set forth, and has given friends that I never tread that path alone.

It could have been a hard year.  But it wasn’t.  It was perhaps my best year ever.



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