Oh my, but it has been a crazy few weeks.  I leave for NY next Thursday (on the redeye) and start work on Monday the 23rd.

Since my last update we’ve…

· Had a successful house hunting trip and put earnest money down on a new house (we are building new)

· Have scheduled the movers and the auto transport

· Arranged the 2 month temp living in NY

· Arranged air cargo booking for our cats

· Put our AZ house up for sale

What’s left?

· Find and sign a lease on a rental home (need a place to live until our new house is ready)

· Get our personal travel arrangements set

· Start work

Amidst all of this, every time I turn around there is one more detail to take care of or one more thing on the house decides to break. 

Such it is, every day is packed from about 6am until 8pm.  And though I’ve been so busy I have barely time to think and reflect, it is starting to sink in that I am about to leave behind what has arguably been the largest part of ½ of my life.  So to complement the excitement of all that is new I now often find myself adrift in melancholic loss.  This is a big change for me, and for Nancy, and the reality of it is setting in.

But for me, only one week left to ponder.  After that it is in my face and I’ll choose to get on with it. 

Goodbyes are f—ing hard.

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