Job Search Update – August 26th

It is good news.  I accepted an offer with GlobalFoundries in NY, starting 9/23.  The role and offer too good to pass up.

Lessons/Reflections on the job search:

  1. I will maintain, and build my professional network
  2. Large numbers of people are graciously willing to help
  3. Some of the best times during my search is when I was helping other people
  4. A daily “work” routine was extremely helpful in keeping me focused
  5. Having opportunity to interview early on, and blow it, was profoundly beneficial
  6. Sizing up my available job market in semiconductors and in the Phoenix area made it clear I needed to expand my job search into new industries and nationwide
  7. I developed a new technical interest…biofuels/energy, bio-waste treatment
  8. There is a huge world outside of Intel where highly intelligent and interesting people are also doing remarkable science, and more amazing is the honor some will take my call
  9. Job search was a good and useful experience for me

And now…

Yikes, only four weeks!  Not much time to weed through 27 years of household accumulation, pick a new place to live, and get mentally and tactically prepared for the new job.  If Chandler, AZ floats a bond in the next election to raise money for a new landfill, sorry but that is probably our fault!  Seriously though, there is a lot to do between now and my start date.

And much more after.

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