Job Search Update – August 10th

What is new in the last 3 weeks…

I had my Intel “retirement” party.  Many thanks to Mel for putting together a great send-off.  And also to the small gang who hung out talking until midnight.  There was little retrospection, we are mostly looking forward to the next thing.

Two weeks ago I had the site interview with XXXX, and expect it will turn into an offer. Then, as Barbara says, I “will have a dilemma”.  Do I take it, or wait to see if my bioenergy or pharmaceutical efforts bear fruit?  I already know, but for this audience I’ll keep it a cliffhanger.

Thursday, I spent the day in Utah with YYYY, a little gratis consulting.  It was a great experience, and something I would enjoy doing once every three months or so.  Even if I got paid…every three months or so. And even if each client were as gracious…

And this past week I listened to bioenergy company earnings reports, investor analysis, etc.  Not a good week for most of these guys.  And, seeming to me, very unlikely they will raise the financing needed to fund their commercial project aspirations.  At least not everyone.  I’ve got 3 companies in this space who have talked to me, but without $$ there are no legs.

Pharma seems to have lost what little momentum it had, and I haven’t had the time to chase any other industries.

Beyond this I keep up my 60 hour routine.

All for now.

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2 Responses to Job Search Update – August 10th

  1. gary hansen says:

    Hi Steve still have the sierra desigs strech dome for sale? Gary I have an old one and are looking for a fly and a couple of poles for it. thanks Gary

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