Job Search Update – July 5th

Hard to believe it’s been another 2 weeks.  And though my employment officially ends next Friday I have long since made the psychological transition.

I continue to look for something where I can plan, build, and startup high technology factories/plants, or run a plant that has a high state of technology/new product churn.  The good news…there are lots of jobs to choose from, though most are out of state.

I’ve been working double time trying to make people connections into the pharmaceutical industry, algae to fuel industry, and water/wastewater industry.  And now am finally starting to get a little traction.  If I can actually get the people who say they will talk with me scheduled and on the phone, then I could have insiders at 4 pharma companies by end of next week and intros made to people in the algae to fuels world.  I find that applying into an HR system is kind of like crossing the event horizon of a black hole, or like a roach motel.  The application goes in, but nothing comes out.  However, if I get the opportunity to talk with someone it is kind of like a sales person getting their foot inside a screen door…I get at least 30 minutes and maybe an hour to make my case. 

The above is the point of networking and I am at it 20+ hours a week.  I am meeting some incredibly talented and interesting people…not all of them helpful to my job search but all of them good for the soul.

Job application wise I have submitted 26 applications of which 19 are still open.  Of the 19 I am interviewing with two, was asked to apply to one other, and the remainder I am trying to network my way to insiders who can help my case.  I also keep watch of who is looking at my linkedin profile, and it appears that a few of my job apps have generated “views”.

I’ve also applied to a couple “out of my box” jobs.  One is UC Merced.  They have a 10 year plan to build out the new university campus.  UC Merced is not really a high technology plant, but it is big project and it is only 90 minutes away Yosemite.  And then Universal Studios Hollywood.  They want a project manager to oversee construction of the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” expansion of the theme park.  I’ll declare roller coasters as technical.  With both of these, the total package, work and life, is a good fit.

All told, between calling people and meeting them for coffee or lunch, filtering job postings to those I am interested in, and then researching the companies & writing cover letters & and actually applying to jobs is still taking about 60 hours a week.

I did take Wednesday “off” for fun and went tubing on the Salt River, and I am finding time for the gym, add it all up though and I am booked/busy from about 6am to 9pm pretty much every day.  That would be bad if I didn’t enjoy it, but truth is…the job search is for now quite interesting, and enough of a puzzle that I am not in the least bored.

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