Grand Canyon R2R2R 2013

Brutal.  We were either out of shape or are just getting too old or it was too damn hot.  We are sticking with hot.

John and I recently completed our 4th annual last Saturday of April R2R2R; joined by Tracy, a veteran of the first two years.  No PB’s this time.  We wilted under the heat, well over 100F, struggling on the return between the Pump House and Skeleton Point.

We started just before 3am sputtering to a 9pm finish, too nauseous to stomach our traditional celebratory beer.  Thankfully, Sadie’s in Tusayan held the door for us.  I’ve now eaten there 4 times, all following R2R2R hikes, the staff always welcoming despite the trail grime and stink.  Last Saturday was no different.  We drank copious amounts of ice water, ate maybe 1/3 of our meals, and toasted our “success” with a single margarita.  Afterwards a shower and bed. 

Dehydrated doesn’t begin to tell the story.  Sunday morning I had brown urine, highlighting the physical distress.

But still, we’ll do it again.  Maybe even this October as well.


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5 Responses to Grand Canyon R2R2R 2013

  1. cn65 says:

    Wow. Have never had that happen. Sorry to hear. I’ve had summits ruined by high winds and lightening storms, but living in Texas, I guess I am used of the heat and packing a lot of water. Hope your next hike is a success.

  2. Steve T says:

    I still call it a success, but I got up close and personal to the next wall.

  3. Magda says:

    Hi! Just wanted to make sure whether you are Steven Thompson – the author of those beautiful pictures: ? I would like to get in touch with you via email!

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