Of Course I Had Help

The President said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” And then the expectedly predictable chatter of conservative commentators and talk show hosts. And both have it wrong.

Of course I had help!

I got help the day I convinced Art Oviedo to let me take on a paper route at age 11 when the rule was age 12+. He gave me that first break and my first real job. And I had help when later my parents agreed to let me keep it.

I got help from my scout leader Ken Borg when he allowed me to Den Chief for the Webelos in Pack 18. From this experience I learned to teach, I learned to mentor, and the value of being a trusted advisor.

I got help from my dad who taught me the simplest yet most profound lesson in honesty.

I got help from Ms. Hill my 5th grade teacher when she allowed me to learn as much math as quickly as I could master it. I was in 8th grade algebra by the 2nd semester of that school year.

And I can list more examples, and you can list your own. For most of us, we received and continue to receive help throughout our lives.

But the source of this help is not government. This help might have stemmed from self-interest, self-initiative, or love. It doesn’t matter. It is help we receive because someone decided on their own, of their free will, to give. Not government.

So please talking heads, stop the false arguments. Let’s all take up the siren call and thank the people who believed enough in us to help us along the way. And let’s stand for remaining a free people that these miraculous daily encounters can continue in abundance.

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One Response to Of Course I Had Help

  1. ed says:

    Sure, many individuals gave to us on their own volition, but you left out one of the most important assists most of us receive: public education. And as business owner, I benifit from an educated work force, good streets, good sewers, good law enforccment, SBA loans, free census data, amung other resources, to help me in my endeavor. This is really a non-issue that help comes from public as well as private sources. I don’t get the blow back on this!

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