R2R2R Food

I’ve been asked enough times “What do you eat on such a hike? that maybe it is worth a few words.

I start the day with Muesli.  For this hike I bought 1 cup of Whole Foods Blueberry Muesli to which I added 1/4 cup Nido, and 1/4 cup vanilla flavored egg white protein powder and added 1 cup of water.  This and a cup of coffee are my foundation.

Then for every hour of hiking I eat 1/2 of a Probar, supplemented every 2 hours with 1 caffienated gel.

I drink water while hiking – about a liter an hour, but at the 7 mile points (Phantom Ranch, Cottonwood, North Rim) I downed a liter of water flavored with G2 powder.

I also had a glass of lemonade at Phantom Ranch just prior to the S. Kaibab hike out.  I tasted great, but upset my stomach.  If I drink the lemonade again I’ll split a glass and water it down, but more likely I’ll skip it and just stick to the plan.

This will get you the 42 miles, but upon reaching the South Rim your tank will be empty.  Have a cooler with some food at the trailhead.

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