Still my hardest hike – Grand Canyon R2R2R

Last weekend 5 of us completed a R2R2R hike.  3 of us hiked this together last year, for the others this was their 1st R2R2R hike.

This time round was a greater success.  The 5 of us had comparable hiking paces and except for the final climb up the S. Kaibab trail we were never separated by more than 2-3 minutes.  On that final climb that spread to a half hour.  Contrast that to last year’s hike when we finished with a 4 hour spread.

We started hiking at 3am.  The finish time was 7pm for the “fast” group, and 7:30pm for the “slow” group.  I was in the slow group.  Never mind that, 16 to 16.5 hours blew last year away.  And even better we finished in time to get dinner!

What made things rock this year?

  1. matched hiking paces
  2. carrying much less stuff – less water and less food
  3. perfect weather

I’ll definitely do this again – maybe even make it an annual event; in which case I’ll change the post title to “The Hardest Hike I do” unless of course I try something crazy like hiking the Timberline Trail around Oregon’s Mt Hood.

The 2011 R2R2R Gang - Tracy, me (Steve), John, Caleb, Julie

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2 Responses to Still my hardest hike – Grand Canyon R2R2R

  1. Peggy Wood says:

    I would love more details about your trip. A group of us have been contemplating running/fast hiking R2R2R in 2012. What type packs did you carry? How much water did you carry? Hiking poles? Did you use the South Kaibab trail both times? We are thinking about going in October – did you go in April both times?

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