The 2010 Midterm Elections – What happened last night?

  1. Voters resoundingly voted for fiscal responsibility, undo the healthcare reform, and don’t even try cap & trade.  The Republicans ran unabashedly on this platform and won an astounding number of House seats.  And if you wish to challenge this assertion, witness Joe Manchin shooting the cap & trade bill as the path to victory.
  2. Voters will suffer no fools.  No matter how dogmatic candidates were on the above issues, if they had difficulty speaking a coherent sentence they lost.  (e.g.  Christine McDonnell, Carl Paladino and sorry, but Sharron Angle too).  In this regard, Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove were correct.  Put Sarah Palin on notice.
  3. Voters rejected Big Business.  Just look at the high profile candidates that could be linked to Big Business:  Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, and Linda McMahon.  Sure, it is easy to say that California and Connecticut are too blue to elect Republicans, but one of the Tea Parties and the far left’s big complaint is that President Obama and the Democratic Congress bailed out Big Business.  This was the headwind that enabled Barbara Boxer’s, Jerry Brown’s, and Richard Blumenthal’s victory.  Candidates from small business fared almost uniformly well.
  4. Voters have given Republicans a second chance.  They are on probation and need to live up to the reason they were elected.  If not, we’ll see another wave.
  5. Voters have put President Obama on notice.  If he chooses not to represent us, he will accomplish nothing more and will be a one term President.
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