Is the president a brick?

Is it Brick Obama?  The president just doesn’t get it.  He has good company (democrats and republican in congress), but that hardly qualifies as an excuse.  The tea party message is really quite simple:  Stop spending more than we have, and we are hurting so don’t take any more from us.  We support officials who act on these two things.  Just as we and our families have, prioritize a bit.  The plan:


1.       Stop the health care reform madness!  We cannot afford another costly entitlement.  If dabbling is a must then open up the market so that prices might actually fall.

2.       Drop all plans to take more money from us.  We are hurting already and new taxes will only increase our pain.

3.       Cut federal spending everywhere.  Meet the basics:  our defense needs, the minimum safety net, minimum consumer protection, etc. and eliminate the rest.  We are repairing worn clothes and not buying new, not dining out, not going to the movies, not buying gifts.  If our families can reduce their spending by 20% or more so can the federal government.

4.       And then tell us the score.


If spending is less than revenue, show us a plan that uses the surplus wisely enough to create private sector jobs.  We’ll let you know if we approve.  If spending still exceeds revenue, give us a choice.  What government services must we do without or how much more must we pay?  And then do what we tell you.


I don’t understand why this message is so difficult for the president to understand.  It isn’t a conservative thing.  It isn’t a liberal thing.  It’s a responsibility thing.  This is what we are shouting about, this is the profile of people we are going to elect to office.  The republicans failed us and we threw them out.  The democrats who replaced them are failing us and we are in the process of throwing them out.  At this point only a brick can remain oblivious.  And if the president proves a brick we’ll throw him out too.

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